DriverMED_Family Class Reference

#include <DriverMED_Family.h>

Public Member Functions

void AddElement (const SMDS_MeshElement *theElement)
void AddGroupName (std::string theGroupName)
 DriverMED_Family ()
const ElementsSet & GetElements () const
 Returns elements of this family. More...
MED::PFamilyInfo GetFamilyInfo (const MED::PWrapper &theWrapper, const MED::PMeshInfo &theMeshInfo) const
 Create TFamilyInfo for this family. More...
int GetGroupAttributVal () const
const MED::TStringSetGetGroupNames () const
int GetId () const
 Returns a family ID. More...
SMDSAbs_ElementType GetType ()
const std::set< SMDSAbs_ElementType > & GetTypes () const
bool MemberOf (std::string theGroupName) const
void SetGroupAttributVal (int theValue)
void SetId (const int theId)
 Sets a family ID. More...
void SetType (const SMDSAbs_ElementType theType)

Static Public Member Functions

static DriverMED_FamilyPtrList MakeFamilies (SMESHDS_SubMeshIteratorPtr theSubMeshes, const SMESHDS_GroupBasePtrList &theGroups, const bool doGroupOfNodes, const bool doGroupOfEdges, const bool doGroupOfFaces, const bool doGroupOfVolumes, const bool doGroupOf0DElems, const bool doGroupOfBalls)
 Methods for groups storing to MED. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DriverMED_Family()

DriverMED_Family::DriverMED_Family ( )

Default constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddElement()

void DriverMED_Family::AddElement ( const SMDS_MeshElement theElement)

◆ AddGroupName()

void DriverMED_Family::AddGroupName ( std::string  theGroupName)

◆ GetElements()

const ElementsSet & DriverMED_Family::GetElements ( ) const

Returns elements of this family.

◆ GetFamilyInfo()

MED::PFamilyInfo DriverMED_Family::GetFamilyInfo ( const MED::PWrapper theWrapper,
const MED::PMeshInfo theMeshInfo 
) const

Create TFamilyInfo for this family.

Create TFamilyInfo for this family

◆ GetGroupAttributVal()

int DriverMED_Family::GetGroupAttributVal ( ) const

◆ GetGroupNames()

const MED::TStringSet & DriverMED_Family::GetGroupNames ( ) const

◆ GetId()

int DriverMED_Family::GetId ( ) const

Returns a family ID.

◆ GetType()

SMDSAbs_ElementType DriverMED_Family::GetType ( )

◆ GetTypes()

const std::set< SMDSAbs_ElementType > & DriverMED_Family::GetTypes ( ) const

◆ MakeFamilies()

DriverMED_FamilyPtrList DriverMED_Family::MakeFamilies ( SMESHDS_SubMeshIteratorPtr  theSubMeshes,
const SMESHDS_GroupBasePtrList &  theGroups,
const bool  doGroupOfNodes,
const bool  doGroupOfEdges,
const bool  doGroupOfFaces,
const bool  doGroupOfVolumes,
const bool  doGroupOf0DElems,
const bool  doGroupOfBalls 

Methods for groups storing to MED.

Split each group from list <theGroups> and each sub-mesh from list <theSubMeshes> on some parts (families) on the basis of the elements membership in other groups from <theGroups> and other sub-meshes from <theSubMeshes>. Resulting families have no common elements.

Split each group from list <aGroups> on some parts (families) on the basis of the elements membership in other groups from this list. Resulting families have no common elements.

References SMESHDS_SubMesh::GetID(), and SMESHDS_SubMesh::IsComplexSubmesh().

Referenced by DriverMED_W_SMESHDS_Mesh::Perform().

◆ MemberOf()

bool DriverMED_Family::MemberOf ( std::string  theGroupName) const

◆ SetGroupAttributVal()

void DriverMED_Family::SetGroupAttributVal ( int  theValue)

◆ SetId()

void DriverMED_Family::SetId ( const int  theId)

Sets a family ID.

◆ SetType()

void DriverMED_Family::SetType ( const SMDSAbs_ElementType  theType)

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