Gui::AutoSaver Class Reference

#include <AutoSaver.h>

Public Slots

void renameFile (QString dirName, QString file, QString tmpFile)

Public Member Functions

void setCompressed (bool on)
void setTimeout (int ms)

Static Public Member Functions

static AutoSaverinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

void saveDocument (const std::string &, AutoSaveProperty &)
void slotCreateDocument (const App::Document &Doc)
void slotDeleteDocument (const App::Document &Doc)
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *event)

Detailed Description

The class AutoSaver is used to automatically save a document to a temporary file.

Werner Mayer

Member Function Documentation

◆ instance()

◆ renameFile

void AutoSaver::renameFile ( QString  dirName,
QString  file,
QString  tmpFile 

◆ saveDocument()

◆ setCompressed()

void AutoSaver::setCompressed ( bool  on)

Enables or disables to create compreesed recovery files.

Referenced by Gui::Application::runApplication().

◆ setTimeout()

void AutoSaver::setTimeout ( int  ms)

Sets the timeout in milliseconds. A value of 0 means that no timer is used.

Referenced by Gui::Application::runApplication(), and Gui::Dialog::DlgSettingsDocumentImp::saveSettings().

◆ slotCreateDocument()

◆ slotDeleteDocument()

void AutoSaver::slotDeleteDocument ( const App::Document Doc)

◆ timerEvent()

void AutoSaver::timerEvent ( QTimerEvent *  event)

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