VISCOUS_3D::_SolidData Struct Reference

Data of a SOLID. More...

Public Types

typedef const StdMeshers_ViscousLayersTHyp

Public Member Functions

void AddShapesToSmooth (const set< _EdgesOnShape * > &shape)
 Add faces for smoothing. More...
_ConvexFaceGetConvexFace (const TGeomID faceID)
_EdgesOnShapeGetShapeEdges (const _LayerEdge *edge)
_EdgesOnShapeGetShapeEdges (const TGeomID shapeID)
 Return _EdgesOnShape* corresponding to the shape. More...
_EdgesOnShapeGetShapeEdges (const TopoDS_Shape &shape)
 Return _EdgesOnShape* corresponding to the shape. More...
 Handle (Geom_Curve) CurveForSmooth(const TopoDS_Edge &E
void PrepareEdgesToSmoothOnFace (_EdgesOnShape *eof, bool substituteSrcNodes)
 Prepare data of the _LayerEdge for smoothing on FACE. More...
void Sort2NeiborsOnEdge (vector< _LayerEdge * > &edges)
 Set _2neibors according to the order of _LayerEdge on EDGE. More...
void SortOnEdge (const TopoDS_Edge &E, vector< _LayerEdge * > &edges, SMESH_MesherHelper &helper)
 Sort _LayerEdge's by a parameter on a given EDGE. More...

Public Attributes

_EdgesOnShape SMESH_MesherHelperhelper

Detailed Description

Data of a SOLID.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ THyp

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddShapesToSmooth()

void _SolidData::AddShapesToSmooth ( const set< _EdgesOnShape * > &  shape)

Add faces for smoothing.

References eos, and PrepareEdgesToSmoothOnFace().

◆ GetConvexFace()

_ConvexFace * VISCOUS_3D::_SolidData::GetConvexFace ( const TGeomID  faceID)

◆ GetShapeEdges() [1/3]

_EdgesOnShape * VISCOUS_3D::_SolidData::GetShapeEdges ( const _LayerEdge edge)

References GetShapeEdges().

◆ GetShapeEdges() [2/3]

_EdgesOnShape * _SolidData::GetShapeEdges ( const TGeomID  shapeID)

Return _EdgesOnShape* corresponding to the shape.

Referenced by GetShapeEdges().

◆ GetShapeEdges() [3/3]

_EdgesOnShape * _SolidData::GetShapeEdges ( const TopoDS_Shape &  shape)

Return _EdgesOnShape* corresponding to the shape.

References SMESH_ProxyMesh::GetMesh(), SMESH_Mesh::GetMeshDS(), GetShapeEdges(), and SMESHDS_Mesh::ShapeToIndex().

◆ Handle()

VISCOUS_3D::_SolidData::Handle ( Geom_Curve  ) const &

◆ PrepareEdgesToSmoothOnFace()

void _SolidData::PrepareEdgesToSmoothOnFace ( _EdgesOnShape eof,
bool  substituteSrcNodes 

◆ Sort2NeiborsOnEdge()

void _SolidData::Sort2NeiborsOnEdge ( vector< _LayerEdge * > &  edges)

Set _2neibors according to the order of _LayerEdge on EDGE.

References VISCOUS_3D::_2NearEdges::tgtNode().

Referenced by SortOnEdge().

◆ SortOnEdge()

void _SolidData::SortOnEdge ( const TopoDS_Edge &  E,
vector< _LayerEdge * > &  edges,
SMESH_MesherHelper helper 

Sort _LayerEdge's by a parameter on a given EDGE.

References helper, and Sort2NeiborsOnEdge().

Member Data Documentation

◆ eos

_EdgesOnShape& VISCOUS_3D::_SolidData::eos

Referenced by AddShapesToSmooth().

◆ helper

_EdgesOnShape SMESH_MesherHelper& VISCOUS_3D::_SolidData::helper

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