PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ModelFactory Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def findLibraries (self, model)
def libraryOpen (self, model, lib="")
def newTool (self, datamodel, path)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Helper class to generate qtdata models for toolbit libraries

Member Function Documentation

◆ findLibraries()

def PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ModelFactory.findLibraries (   self,
Finds all the fctl files in a location
Returns a QStandardItemModel

◆ libraryOpen()

def PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ModelFactory.libraryOpen (   self,
  lib = "" 
opens the tools in library
Returns a QStandardItemModel

References PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ModelFactory.__libraryLoad().

◆ newTool()

def PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ModelFactory.newTool (   self,
Adds a toolbit item to a model

References PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ModelFactory._toolAdd().

Member Data Documentation

◆ path

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