Fem::FemVTKTools Class Reference

#include <FemVTKTools.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void exportFreeCADResult (const App::DocumentObject *result, vtkSmartPointer< vtkDataSet > grid)
static void exportVTKMesh (const FemMesh *mesh, vtkSmartPointer< vtkUnstructuredGrid > grid, float scale=1.0)
static void importFreeCADResult (vtkSmartPointer< vtkDataSet > dataset, App::DocumentObject *result)
static void importVTKMesh (vtkSmartPointer< vtkDataSet > grid, FemMesh *mesh, float scale=1.0)
static App::DocumentObjectreadResult (const char *Filename, App::DocumentObject *res=NULL)
static FemMeshreadVTKMesh (const char *filename, FemMesh *mesh)
static void writeResult (const char *filename, const App::DocumentObject *res=NULL)
static void writeVTKMesh (const char *Filename, const FemMesh *mesh)

Member Function Documentation

◆ exportFreeCADResult()

◆ exportVTKMesh()

◆ importFreeCADResult()

void Fem::FemVTKTools::importFreeCADResult ( vtkSmartPointer< vtkDataSet >  dataset,
App::DocumentObject result 

◆ importVTKMesh()

void Fem::FemVTKTools::importVTKMesh ( vtkSmartPointer< vtkDataSet >  grid,
FemMesh mesh,
float  scale = 1.0 

◆ readResult()

◆ readVTKMesh()

FemMesh * Fem::FemVTKTools::readVTKMesh ( const char *  filename,
FemMesh mesh 

◆ writeResult()

◆ writeVTKMesh()

void Fem::FemVTKTools::writeVTKMesh ( const char *  Filename,
const FemMesh mesh 

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