FeaturePython.ViewProviderPoints Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def attach (self, obj)
def getDefaultDisplayMode (self)
def getDisplayModes (self, obj)
def getIcon (self)
def onChanged (self, vp, prop)
def setDisplayMode (self, mode)
def updateData (self, fp, prop)

Member Function Documentation

◆ attach()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderPoints.attach (   self,
 Setup the scene sub-graph of the view provider, this method is mandatory 

◆ getDefaultDisplayMode()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderPoints.getDefaultDisplayMode (   self)
 Return the name of the default display mode. It must be defined in getDisplayModes. 

◆ getDisplayModes()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderPoints.getDisplayModes (   self,
 Return a list of display modes. 

◆ getIcon()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderPoints.getIcon (   self)
 Return the icon in XMP format which will appear in the tree view. This method is optional
        and if not defined a default icon is shown.

Referenced by ArchAxisSystem.AxisSystemTaskPanel.update(), ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel.update(), and ArchSectionPlane.SectionPlaneTaskPanel.update().

◆ onChanged()

◆ setDisplayMode()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderPoints.setDisplayMode (   self,
 Map the display mode defined in attach with those defined in getDisplayModes.
        Since they have the same names nothing needs to be done. This method is optional.

◆ updateData()

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