Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension Class Referenceabstract

#include <SketchGeometryExtension.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual int getGeometryLayerId () const =0
virtual long getId () const =0
virtual InternalType::InternalType getInternalType () const =0
virtual void setGeometryLayerId (int geolayer)=0
virtual void setGeometryMode (int flag, bool v=true)=0
virtual void setId (long id)=0
virtual void setInternalType (InternalType::InternalType type)=0
virtual bool testGeometryMode (int flag) const =0

Member Function Documentation

◆ getGeometryLayerId()

virtual int Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::getGeometryLayerId ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ getId()

virtual long Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::getId ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ getInternalType()

virtual InternalType::InternalType Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::getInternalType ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ setGeometryLayerId()

virtual void Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::setGeometryLayerId ( int  geolayer)
pure virtual

◆ setGeometryMode()

virtual void Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::setGeometryMode ( int  flag,
bool  v = true 
pure virtual

◆ setId()

virtual void Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::setId ( long  id)
pure virtual

◆ setInternalType()

virtual void Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::setInternalType ( InternalType::InternalType  type)
pure virtual

◆ testGeometryMode()

virtual bool Sketcher::ISketchGeometryExtension::testGeometryMode ( int  flag) const
pure virtual

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