ArchCutPlane Namespace Reference

The Cut plane object and tools. More...


def cutComponentwithPlane (archObject, cutPlane, sideFace)
def getPlanWithLine (line)

Detailed Description

The Cut plane object and tools.

This module handles the Cut Plane object

Function Documentation

◆ cutComponentwithPlane()

def ArchCutPlane.cutComponentwithPlane (   archObject,
cut object from a plan define by a face, Behind = 0 , front = 1

References cutComponentwithPlane(), ArchCommands.getCutVolume(), getPlanWithLine(), and ArchCommands.removeComponents().

Referenced by cutComponentwithPlane().

◆ getPlanWithLine()

def ArchCutPlane.getPlanWithLine (   line)
Function to make a plane along Normal plan

Referenced by cutComponentwithPlane().