toolchange_generator Namespace Reference


class  SpindleDirection


def generate (toolnumber, toollabel, spindlespeed=0, spindledirection=SpindleDirection.OFF)
def generateSubstitute (newTC, oldTC=None)

Function Documentation

◆ generate()

def toolchange_generator.generate (   toolnumber,
  spindlespeed = 0,
  spindledirection = SpindleDirection.OFF 
Generates Gcode for a simple toolchange.

Referenced by PathScripts.PathToolController.ToolController.execute().

◆ generateSubstitute()

def toolchange_generator.generateSubstitute (   newTC,
  oldTC = None 
The specific commands to emit, depend on the state of the machine.
For example, the toolnumber may not change, only the spindle speed.
This routine will generate a list of commands to substitute for a TC
object to be handed to the postprocessor.
It will contain only the commands needed