Public Member Functions

bool getShape (const App::DocumentObject *obj, TopoShape &shape, const char *subname=0)
void init ()
void setShape (const App::DocumentObject *obj, const TopoShape &shape, const char *subname=0)
void slotChanged (const App::DocumentObject &obj, const App::Property &prop)
void slotClear (const App::DocumentObject &obj)
void slotDeleteDocument (const App::Document &doc)

Public Attributes

std::unordered_map< const App::Document *, std::map< std::pair< const App::DocumentObject *, std::string >,TopoShape > > cache
bool inited = false

Member Function Documentation

◆ getShape()

bool ShapeCache::getShape ( const App::DocumentObject obj,
TopoShape shape,
const char *  subname = 0 

◆ init()

◆ setShape()

void ShapeCache::setShape ( const App::DocumentObject obj,
const TopoShape shape,
const char *  subname = 0 

◆ slotChanged()

void ShapeCache::slotChanged ( const App::DocumentObject obj,
const App::Property prop 

References App::Property::getName().

Referenced by init().

◆ slotClear()

void ShapeCache::slotClear ( const App::DocumentObject obj)

Referenced by init().

◆ slotDeleteDocument()

void ShapeCache::slotDeleteDocument ( const App::Document doc)

Referenced by init().

Member Data Documentation

◆ cache

std::unordered_map<const App::Document*, std::map<std::pair<const App::DocumentObject*, std::string> ,TopoShape> > ShapeCache::cache

◆ inited

bool ShapeCache::inited = false

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