MeshCore::MeshFixDuplicatePoints Class Reference

The MeshFixDuplicatePoints class merges duplicated points. More...

#include <Degeneration.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Fixup ()
 Merges duplicated points. More...
 MeshFixDuplicatePoints (MeshKernel &rclM)
 Construction. More...
 ~MeshFixDuplicatePoints ()
 Destruction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshCore::MeshValidation
virtual bool Fixup ()=0
 This function attempts to change the mesh kernel to be valid according to the checked criterion: True is returned if the errors could be fixed, false otherwise. More...
 MeshValidation (MeshKernel &rclB)
virtual ~MeshValidation ()

Detailed Description

The MeshFixDuplicatePoints class merges duplicated points.

See also
Werner Mayer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshFixDuplicatePoints()

MeshCore::MeshFixDuplicatePoints::MeshFixDuplicatePoints ( MeshKernel rclM)


◆ ~MeshFixDuplicatePoints()

MeshCore::MeshFixDuplicatePoints::~MeshFixDuplicatePoints ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ Fixup()

bool MeshFixDuplicatePoints::Fixup ( )

Merges duplicated points.

Implements MeshCore::MeshValidation.

Referenced by Mesh::MeshObject::removeDuplicatedPoints().

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