DriverDAT_R_SMDS_Mesh Class Reference

#include <DriverDAT_R_SMDS_Mesh.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual Status Perform ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Driver_SMDS_Mesh
 Driver_SMDS_Mesh ()
void SetMesh (SMDS_Mesh *theMesh)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Driver_Mesh
 Driver_Mesh ()
virtual SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr GetError ()
 Return a structure containing description of errors. More...
virtual std::string GetMeshName () const
virtual Status Perform ()=0
virtual void SetFile (const std::string &theFileName)
void SetMeshId (int theMeshId)
virtual void SetMeshName (const std::string &theMeshName)
virtual void SetOption (const std::string &optionName, const std::string &optionValue)
virtual ~Driver_Mesh ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Driver_Mesh
enum  Status {
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Driver_Mesh
Status addMessage (const std::string &msg, const bool isFatal=false)
 Stores an error message. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Driver_SMDS_Mesh
- Protected Attributes inherited from Driver_Mesh
std::vector< std::string > myErrorMessages
std::string myFile
int myMeshId
std::string myMeshName
Status myStatus

Member Function Documentation

◆ Perform()

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