Prism_3D::TNode Struct Reference

Structure containing node relative data. More...

#include <StdMeshers_Prism_3D.hxx>

Public Member Functions

gp_XYZ & ChangeParams () const
gp_XYZ GetCoords () const
gp_XYZ GetParams () const
SMDS_TypeOfPosition GetPositionType () const
bool HasParams () const
bool IsNeighbor (const TNode &other) const
 Return true if this node and other one belong to one face. More...
bool operator< (const TNode &other) const
 TNode (const SMDS_MeshNode *node=0)

Public Attributes

const SMDS_MeshNodemyNode
gp_XYZ myParams

Detailed Description

Structure containing node relative data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TNode()

Prism_3D::TNode::TNode ( const SMDS_MeshNode node = 0)

Member Function Documentation

◆ ChangeParams()

gp_XYZ & Prism_3D::TNode::ChangeParams ( ) const

References myParams.

◆ GetCoords()

gp_XYZ Prism_3D::TNode::GetCoords ( ) const

◆ GetParams()

gp_XYZ Prism_3D::TNode::GetParams ( ) const

References myParams.

◆ GetPositionType()

SMDS_TypeOfPosition Prism_3D::TNode::GetPositionType ( ) const

◆ HasParams()

bool Prism_3D::TNode::HasParams ( ) const

References myParams.

◆ IsNeighbor()

bool Prism_3D::TNode::IsNeighbor ( const TNode other) const

Return true if this node and other one belong to one face.

References SMDS_MeshNode::GetInverseElementIterator(), and myNode.

◆ operator<()

bool Prism_3D::TNode::operator< ( const TNode other) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ myNode

const SMDS_MeshNode* Prism_3D::TNode::myNode

◆ myParams

gp_XYZ Prism_3D::TNode::myParams

Referenced by ChangeParams(), GetParams(), and HasParams().

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