femtools.ccxtools.CcxTools Class Reference

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- Public Member Functions inherited from femtools.ccxtools.FemToolsCcx
def ccx_run (self)
def check_prerequisites (self)
def find_analysis (self)
def find_solver (self)
def find_solver_analysis (self)
def get_ccx_version (self)
def has_no_material_assigned (self)
def has_nonpositive_jacobians (self)
def load_results (self)
def load_results_ccxdat (self)
def load_results_ccxfrd (self)
def purge_results (self)
def reset_all (self)
def reset_mesh_purge_results_checked (self)
def run (self)
def set_base_name (self, base_name=None)
def set_inp_file_name (self, inp_file_name=None)
def setup_ccx (self, ccx_binary=None, ccx_binary_sig="CalculiX")
def setup_working_dir (self, param_working_dir=None, create=False)
def start_ccx (self)
def update_objects (self)
def write_inp_file (self)
- Public Attributes inherited from femtools.ccxtools.FemToolsCcx
 mesh for the analysis More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from femtools.ccxtools.FemToolsCcx
 finished = QtCore.Signal(int)

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