MeshCore::MeshDistanceSurfaceSegment Class Reference

#include <Segmentation.h>

Public Member Functions

 MeshDistanceSurfaceSegment (const MeshKernel &mesh, unsigned long minFacets, float tol)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshCore::MeshSurfaceSegment
virtual void AddFacet (const MeshFacet &rclFacet)
void AddSegment (const std::vector< FacetIndex > &)
MeshSegment FindSegment (FacetIndex) const
const std::vector< MeshSegment > & GetSegments () const
virtual const char * GetType () const =0
virtual void Initialize (FacetIndex)
 MeshSurfaceSegment (unsigned long minFacets)
virtual bool TestFacet (const MeshFacet &rclFacet) const =0
virtual bool TestInitialFacet (FacetIndex) const
virtual ~MeshSurfaceSegment ()

Protected Attributes

const MeshKernelkernel
float tolerance
- Protected Attributes inherited from MeshCore::MeshSurfaceSegment
unsigned long minFacets
std::vector< MeshSegmentsegments

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshDistanceSurfaceSegment()

MeshCore::MeshDistanceSurfaceSegment::MeshDistanceSurfaceSegment ( const MeshKernel mesh,
unsigned long  minFacets,
float  tol 

Member Data Documentation

◆ kernel

◆ tolerance

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