e57::DecodeChannel Struct Reference

#include <DecodeChannel.h>

Public Member Functions

 DecodeChannel (SourceDestBuffer dbuf_arg, std::shared_ptr< Decoder > decoder_arg, unsigned bytestreamNumber_arg, uint64_t maxRecordCount_arg)
bool isInputBlocked () const
bool isOutputBlocked () const

Public Attributes

unsigned bytestreamNumber
size_t currentBytestreamBufferIndex
size_t currentBytestreamBufferLength
uint64_t currentPacketLogicalOffset
SourceDestBuffer dbuf
std::shared_ptr< Decoderdecoder
bool inputFinished
uint64_t maxRecordCount

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DecodeChannel()

e57::DecodeChannel::DecodeChannel ( SourceDestBuffer  dbuf_arg,
std::shared_ptr< Decoder decoder_arg,
unsigned  bytestreamNumber_arg,
uint64_t  maxRecordCount_arg 

Member Function Documentation

◆ isInputBlocked()

bool e57::DecodeChannel::isInputBlocked ( ) const

If have read until the section end, we are done

If have eaten all the input in the current packet, we are blocked.

References currentBytestreamBufferIndex, currentBytestreamBufferLength, and inputFinished.

◆ isOutputBlocked()

bool e57::DecodeChannel::isOutputBlocked ( ) const

If we have completed the entire vector, we are done

If we have filled the dest buffer, we are blocked

References e57::SourceDestBuffer::capacity(), dbuf, decoder, and maxRecordCount.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytestreamNumber

unsigned e57::DecodeChannel::bytestreamNumber

◆ currentBytestreamBufferIndex

size_t e57::DecodeChannel::currentBytestreamBufferIndex

Referenced by DecodeChannel(), and isInputBlocked().

◆ currentBytestreamBufferLength

size_t e57::DecodeChannel::currentBytestreamBufferLength

Referenced by DecodeChannel(), and isInputBlocked().

◆ currentPacketLogicalOffset

uint64_t e57::DecodeChannel::currentPacketLogicalOffset

Referenced by DecodeChannel().

◆ dbuf

SourceDestBuffer e57::DecodeChannel::dbuf

◆ decoder

std::shared_ptr<Decoder> e57::DecodeChannel::decoder

Referenced by isOutputBlocked().

◆ inputFinished

bool e57::DecodeChannel::inputFinished

Referenced by DecodeChannel(), and isInputBlocked().

◆ maxRecordCount

uint64_t e57::DecodeChannel::maxRecordCount

Referenced by DecodeChannel(), and isOutputBlocked().

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