PathTests.TestPathPreferences.TestPathPreferences Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def test00 (self)
def test01 (self)
def test02 (self)
def test03 (self)
def test10 (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase
def assertArc (self, edge, pt1, pt2, direction="CW")
def assertCircle (self, edge, pt, r)
def assertCoincide (self, pt1, pt2, error=0.0001)
def assertCommandEqual (self, c1, c2)
def assertConeAt (self, solid, pt, r1, r2, h)
def assertCurve (self, edge, p1, p2, p3)
def assertCylinderAt (self, solid, pt, r, h)
def assertEdgeShapesMatch (self, e1, e2)
def assertEqualLocale (self, s1, s2)
def assertLine (self, edge, pt1, pt2)
def assertLines (self, edgs, tail, points)
def assertPlacement (self, p1, p2)
def assertPointsMatch (self, pts0, pts1)
def assertRoughly (self, f1, f2, error=0.00001)

Member Function Documentation

◆ test00()

◆ test01()

def PathTests.TestPathPreferences.TestPathPreferences.test01 (   self)
PathScripts is part of the posts search path.

◆ test02()

def PathTests.TestPathPreferences.TestPathPreferences.test02 (   self)
PathScripts/post is part of the posts search path.

◆ test03()

def PathTests.TestPathPreferences.TestPathPreferences.test03 (   self)
Available post processors include linuxcnc, grbl and opensbp.

◆ test10()

def PathTests.TestPathPreferences.TestPathPreferences.test10 (   self)
Default paths for tools are resolved correctly

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