MED::TGaussDef Struct Reference

Description of family of integration points. More...

#include <MED_GaussDef.hxx>

Public Member Functions

MEDWRAPPER_EXPORT int dim () const
MEDWRAPPER_EXPORT int nbPoints () const
MEDWRAPPER_EXPORT TGaussDef (const int geomType, const int nbPoints, const int variant=1)
 Creates definition of gauss points family. More...

Public Attributes

TDoubleVector myCoords
 coordinates of Gauss points More...
TDoubleVector myRefCoords
 description of reference points More...
int myType
 element geometry (EGeometrieElement or med_geometrie_element) More...
TDoubleVector myWeights
 weights, len(weights)==<nb of gauss points> More...

Detailed Description

Description of family of integration points.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TGaussDef()

MED::TGaussDef::TGaussDef ( const int  geomType,
const int  nbPoints,
const int  variant = 1 

Creates definition of gauss points family.

Fill definition of gauss points family.

geomType- element geometry (EGeometrieElement or med_geometrie_element)
nbPoints- nb gauss point
variant- [1-3] to choose the variant of definition

Throws in case of invalid parameters variant == 1 refers to "Fonctions de forme et points d'integration des elements finis" v7.4 by J. PELLET, X. DESROCHES, 15/09/05 variant == 2 refers to the same doc v6.4 by J.P. LEFEBVRE, X. DESROCHES, 03/07/03 variant == 3 refers to the same doc v6.4, second variant for 2D elements

References dim(), MED::eHEXA20, MED::eHEXA8, MED::ePENTA15, MED::ePENTA6, MED::ePYRA13, MED::ePYRA5, MED::eQUAD4, MED::eQUAD8, MED::eSEG2, MED::eSEG3, MED::eTETRA10, MED::eTETRA4, MED::eTRIA3, MED::eTRIA6, myCoords, myType, and myWeights.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dim()

◆ nbPoints()

MEDWRAPPER_EXPORT int MED::TGaussDef::nbPoints ( ) const

References myWeights.

Member Data Documentation

◆ myCoords

TDoubleVector MED::TGaussDef::myCoords

coordinates of Gauss points

Referenced by TGaussDef().

◆ myRefCoords

TDoubleVector MED::TGaussDef::myRefCoords

description of reference points

◆ myType

int MED::TGaussDef::myType

element geometry (EGeometrieElement or med_geometrie_element)

Referenced by dim(), and TGaussDef().

◆ myWeights

TDoubleVector MED::TGaussDef::myWeights

weights, len(weights)==<nb of gauss points>

Referenced by nbPoints(), and TGaussDef().

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