PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def setUpClass (cls)
def tearDownClass (cls)
def test00 (self)
def test01 (self)
def test02 (self)
def test03 (self)
def test04 (self)
def test11 (self)
def test12 (self)
def test13 (self)
def test14 (self)
def test15 (self)
def test20 (self)
def test21 (self)
def test22 (self)
def test31 (self)
def test32 (self)
def test33 (self)
def test34 (self)
def test35 (self)
def test36 (self)
def test37 (self)
def test38 (self)
def test40 (self)
def test41 (self)
def test42 (self)
def test43 (self)
def test44 (self)
def test45 (self)
def test46 (self)
def test47 (self)
def test50 (self)
def test51 (self)
def test52 (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase
def assertArc (self, edge, pt1, pt2, direction="CW")
def assertCircle (self, edge, pt, r)
def assertCoincide (self, pt1, pt2, error=0.0001)
def assertCommandEqual (self, c1, c2)
def assertConeAt (self, solid, pt, r1, r2, h)
def assertCurve (self, edge, p1, p2, p3)
def assertCylinderAt (self, solid, pt, r, h)
def assertEdgeShapesMatch (self, e1, e2)
def assertEqualLocale (self, s1, s2)
def assertLine (self, edge, pt1, pt2)
def assertLines (self, edgs, tail, points)
def assertPlacement (self, p1, p2)
def assertPointsMatch (self, pts0, pts1)
def assertRoughly (self, f1, f2, error=0.00001)

Member Function Documentation

◆ setUpClass()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.setUpClass (   cls)

◆ tearDownClass()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.tearDownClass (   cls)

◆ test00()

◆ test01()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test01 (   self)
Verify isWireClockwise for single edge circle wires.

◆ test02()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test02 (   self)
Verify isWireClockwise for two half circle wires.

◆ test03()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test03 (   self)
Verify isWireClockwise for two edge wires with an arc.

◆ test04()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test04 (   self)
Verify isWireClockwise for unoriented wires.

◆ test11()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test11 (   self)

◆ test12()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test12 (   self)
Check offsetting a circular hole by the radius or more makes the hole vanish.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertRoughly(), and PathTests.TestPathOpTools.getWireInside().

◆ test13()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test13 (   self)

◆ test14()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test14 (   self)

◆ test15()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test15 (   self)

◆ test20()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test20 (   self)

◆ test21()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test21 (   self)
Check offsetting hole wire for more than it's size makes hole vanish.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertLines(), and PathTests.TestPathOpTools.getWireInside().

◆ test22()

◆ test31()

◆ test32()

◆ test33()

◆ test34()

◆ test35()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test35 (   self)

◆ test36()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test36 (   self)

◆ test37()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test37 (   self)

◆ test38()

◆ test40()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test40 (   self)

◆ test41()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test41 (   self)

◆ test42()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test42 (   self)

◆ test43()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test43 (   self)
Check offsetting multiple backwards outside edges.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCoincide(), and PathTests.TestPathOpTools.getWireOutside().

◆ test44()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test44 (   self)

◆ test45()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test45 (   self)

◆ test46()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test46 (   self)

◆ test47()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test47 (   self)
Check offsetting multiple backwards inside edges.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCoincide(), and PathTests.TestPathOpTools.getWireInside().

◆ test50()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test50 (   self)

◆ test51()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test51 (   self)

◆ test52()

def PathTests.TestPathOpTools.TestPathOpTools.test52 (   self)
Orient a potentially misoriented longer wire

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertPointsMatch(), and PathTests.TestPathOpTools.wireMarkers().

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