importIFClegacy.IfcDocument Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def find (self, pat1, pat2=None, pat3=None)
def getEnt (self, ref)
def search (self, pat)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ find()

def importIFClegacy.IfcDocument.find (   self,
  pat2 = None,
  pat3 = None 
finds objects in the current IFC document.
arguments can be of the following form:
- (pattern): returns object types matching the given pattern (same as search)
- (type,property,value): finds, in all objects of type "type", those whose
  property "property" has the given value

References importIFClegacy.IfcDocument.getEnt(),,,, and

◆ getEnt()

def importIFClegacy.IfcDocument.getEnt (   self,

◆ search()

def (   self,

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