FeaturePython.ViewProviderMesh Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def attach (self, obj)
def getDefaultDisplayMode (self)
def getIcon (self)

Member Function Documentation

◆ attach()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderMesh.attach (   self,
 Setup the scene sub-graph of the view provider, this method is mandatory 

◆ getDefaultDisplayMode()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderMesh.getDefaultDisplayMode (   self)
 Return the name of the default display mode. It must be defined in getDisplayModes. 

◆ getIcon()

def FeaturePython.ViewProviderMesh.getIcon (   self)
 Return the icon in XMP format which will appear in the tree view. This method is optional
        and if not defined a default icon is shown.

Referenced by ArchAxisSystem.AxisSystemTaskPanel.update(), ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel.update(), and ArchSectionPlane.SectionPlaneTaskPanel.update().

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