ArchWindow Namespace Reference

The Window object and tools. More...


def makeWindow (baseobj=None, width=None, height=None, parts=None, name=None)
def recolorize (attr)


list AllowedHosts = ["Wall","Structure","Roof"]
list WindowOpeningModes
list WindowPartTypes = ["Frame","Solid panel","Glass panel","Louvre"]
 WindowPresets = ArchWindowPresets.WindowPresets

Detailed Description

The Window object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Window objects. Windows are Arch objects obtained by extruding a series of wires, and that can be inserted into other Arch objects, by defining a volume that gets subtracted from them.

Function Documentation

◆ makeWindow()

def ArchWindow.makeWindow (   baseobj = None,
  width = None,
  height = None,
  parts = None,
  name = None 
makeWindow(baseobj,[width,height,parts,name]): creates a window based on the
given base 2D object (sketch or draft).

Referenced by ArchWindowPresets.makeWindowPreset().

◆ recolorize()

def ArchWindow.recolorize (   attr)

Variable Documentation

◆ AllowedHosts

list ArchWindow.AllowedHosts = ["Wall","Structure","Roof"]

◆ WindowOpeningModes

list ArchWindow.WindowOpeningModes
Initial value:
1= ["None","Arc 90","Arc 90 inv","Arc 45","Arc 45 inv","Arc 180",
2 "Arc 180 inv","Triangle","Triangle inv","Sliding","Sliding inv"]

◆ WindowPartTypes

list ArchWindow.WindowPartTypes = ["Frame","Solid panel","Glass panel","Louvre"]

◆ WindowPresets

ArchWindow.WindowPresets = ArchWindowPresets.WindowPresets