Face Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Face (int firstVertex, int vertexCount, GLuint textureId, int pickId, int pickTexId, GLuint pickTextureId, const QColor &color, int renderPass)

Public Attributes

QColor m_Color
int m_FirstVertex
int m_PickId
int m_PickTexId
GLuint m_PickTextureId
int m_RenderPass
GLuint m_TextureId
int m_VertexCount

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Face()

Face::Face ( int  firstVertex,
int  vertexCount,
GLuint  textureId,
int  pickId,
int  pickTexId,
GLuint  pickTextureId,
const QColor &  color,
int  renderPass 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Color

QColor Face::m_Color

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_FirstVertex

int Face::m_FirstVertex

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_PickId

int Face::m_PickId

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_PickTexId

int Face::m_PickTexId

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_PickTextureId

GLuint Face::m_PickTextureId

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_RenderPass

int Face::m_RenderPass

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_TextureId

GLuint Face::m_TextureId

Referenced by Face().

◆ m_VertexCount

int Face::m_VertexCount

Referenced by Face().

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