Spreadsheet Namespace Reference


class  Cell
class  DisplayUnit
class  Module
class  PropertyColumnWidths
class  PropertyRowHeights
class  PropertySheet
class  PropertySpreadsheetQuantity
 Spreadsheet quantity property This is a property for quantities, and unlike its ancestor implements Copy() and Paste() methods. More...
class  Sheet
class  SheetObserver


typedef App::FeaturePythonT< SheetSheetPython


SpreadsheetExport std::string columnName (int col)
 Encode col as a string. More...
SpreadsheetExport void createRectangles (std::set< std::pair< int, int > > &cells, std::map< std::pair< int, int >, std::pair< int, int > > &rectangles)
PyObjectinitModule ()
SpreadsheetExport std::string quote (const std::string &input)
SpreadsheetExport std::string rowName (int row)
 Encode row as a string. More...
SpreadsheetExport std::string unquote (const std::string &input)

Typedef Documentation

◆ SheetPython

Function Documentation

◆ columnName()

std::string Spreadsheet::columnName ( int  col)

Encode col as a string.

colColumn given as a 0-based column position.
String with column position, with "A" being the first column, "B" being the second and so on.

Referenced by SpreadsheetGui::SheetTableView::insertColumns(), SpreadsheetGui::SheetTableView::insertColumnsAfter(), SpreadsheetGui::SheetTableView::removeColumns(), and Spreadsheet::PropertyColumnWidths::Save().

◆ createRectangles()

void Spreadsheet::createRectangles ( std::set< std::pair< int, int > > &  cells,
std::map< std::pair< int, int >, std::pair< int, int > > &  rectangles 

◆ initModule()

PyObject * Spreadsheet::initModule ( )

◆ quote()

std::string Spreadsheet::quote ( const std::string &  input)

◆ rowName()

std::string Spreadsheet::rowName ( int  row)

Encode row as a string.

rowRow given as a 0-based row position.
String with row position, with "1" being the first row.

Referenced by SpreadsheetGui::SheetTableView::insertRows(), SpreadsheetGui::SheetTableView::insertRowsAfter(), SpreadsheetGui::SheetTableView::removeRows(), and Spreadsheet::PropertyRowHeights::Save().

◆ unquote()

std::string Spreadsheet::unquote ( const std::string &  input)