Public Member Functions

WaitCursor::FilterEventsFlags ignoreEvents () const
void setBusy (bool)
void setIgnoreEvents (WaitCursor::FilterEventsFlags flags)

Static Public Member Functions

static WaitCursorPgetInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *)
bool isModalDialog (QObject *o) const

Member Function Documentation

◆ eventFilter()

bool WaitCursorP::eventFilter ( QObject o,
QEvent e 

◆ getInstance()

◆ ignoreEvents()

WaitCursor::FilterEventsFlags WaitCursorP::ignoreEvents ( ) const

◆ isModalDialog()

bool WaitCursorP::isModalDialog ( QObject o) const

References DraftVecUtils::find().

Referenced by eventFilter().

◆ setBusy()

void WaitCursorP::setBusy ( bool  on)

◆ setIgnoreEvents()

void WaitCursorP::setIgnoreEvents ( WaitCursor::FilterEventsFlags  flags)

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