CArc Class Reference

#include <Arc.h>

Public Member Functions

bool AlmostALine () const
 CArc ()
 CArc (const Point &s, const Point &e, const Point &c, bool dir, int user_data)
void GetSegments (void(*callbackfunc)(const double *p), double pixels_per_mm) const
double IncludedAngle () const
Point MidParam (double param) const
void SetDirWithPoint (const Point &p)

Public Attributes

Point m_c
bool m_dir
Point m_e
Point m_s
int m_user_data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CArc() [1/2]

CArc::CArc ( )

◆ CArc() [2/2]

CArc::CArc ( const Point s,
const Point e,
const Point c,
bool  dir,
int  user_data 

Member Function Documentation

◆ AlmostALine()

bool CArc::AlmostALine ( ) const

◆ GetSegments()

void CArc::GetSegments ( void(*)(const double *p)  callbackfunc,
double  pixels_per_mm 
) const

References Point::dist(), m_c, m_dir, m_e, m_s, Point::x, and Point::y.

◆ IncludedAngle()

double CArc::IncludedAngle ( ) const

References m_c, m_dir, m_e, m_s, Point::x, and Point::y.

Referenced by MidParam().

◆ MidParam()

Point CArc::MidParam ( double  param) const

returns a point which is 0-1 along arc

References IncludedAngle(), m_c, m_e, m_s, draftguitools.gui_annotationstyleeditor::param, and Point::Rotate().

Referenced by AlmostALine().

◆ SetDirWithPoint()

void CArc::SetDirWithPoint ( const Point p)

References m_c, m_dir, m_e, m_s, Point::x, and Point::y.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_c

◆ m_dir

bool CArc::m_dir

◆ m_e

◆ m_s

◆ m_user_data

int CArc::m_user_data

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