MeshCore::MeshFastBuilder Class Reference

Class for creating the mesh structure by adding facets. More...

#include <Builder.h>


struct  Private

Public Types

typedef int size_type

Public Member Functions

void AddFacet (const Base::Vector3f *facetPoints)
 Add new facet. More...
void AddFacet (const MeshGeomFacet &facetPoints)
 Add new facet. More...
void Finish ()
 Finishes building up the mesh structure. More...
void Initialize (size_type ctFacets)
 Initializes the class. More...
 MeshFastBuilder (MeshKernel &rclM)
 ~MeshFastBuilder ()

Detailed Description

Class for creating the mesh structure by adding facets.

Building the structure needs 3 steps:

  1. initializing
  2. adding the facets
  3. finishing
    // Sample Code for building a mesh structure
    MeshFastBuilder builder(someMeshReference);
    for (...)
    Werner Mayer

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ size_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshFastBuilder()

MeshFastBuilder::MeshFastBuilder ( MeshKernel rclM)

◆ ~MeshFastBuilder()

MeshFastBuilder::~MeshFastBuilder ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFacet() [1/2]

◆ AddFacet() [2/2]

void MeshFastBuilder::AddFacet ( const MeshGeomFacet facetPoints)

◆ Finish()

void MeshFastBuilder::Finish ( )

Finishes building up the mesh structure.

Must be done after adding facets.

References MeshCore::parallel_sort().

◆ Initialize()

void MeshFastBuilder::Initialize ( size_type  ctFacets)

Initializes the class.

Must be done before adding facets

ctFacetscount of facets.

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