SMESH_Group Class Reference

#include <SMESH_Group.hxx>

Public Member Functions

SMESHDS_GroupBaseGetGroupDS ()
const char * GetName () const
void SetName (const char *theName)
 Sets a new name. More...
 SMESH_Group (int theID, const SMESH_Mesh *theMesh, const SMDSAbs_ElementType theType, const char *theName, const TopoDS_Shape &theShape=TopoDS_Shape(), const SMESH_PredicatePtr &thePredicate=SMESH_PredicatePtr())
 SMESH_Group (SMESHDS_GroupBase *groupDS)
 Constructor accesible to SMESH_Mesh only. More...
 ~SMESH_Group ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SMESH_Group() [1/2]

SMESH_Group::SMESH_Group ( int  theID,
const SMESH_Mesh theMesh,
const SMDSAbs_ElementType  theType,
const char *  theName,
const TopoDS_Shape &  theShape = TopoDS_Shape(),
const SMESH_PredicatePtr &  thePredicate = SMESH_PredicatePtr() 

◆ SMESH_Group() [2/2]

SMESH_Group::SMESH_Group ( SMESHDS_GroupBase groupDS)

Constructor accesible to SMESH_Mesh only.

References SMESHDS_GroupBase::GetStoreName().

◆ ~SMESH_Group()

SMESH_Group::~SMESH_Group ( )

Destructor deletes myGroupDS

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetGroupDS()

◆ GetName()

◆ SetName()

void SMESH_Group::SetName ( const char *  theName)

Sets a new name.

References SMESHDS_GroupBase::SetStoreName().

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