VISCOUS_2D Namespace Reference


struct  _LayerEdge
 Edge normal to FACE boundary, connecting a point on EDGE (_uvOut) and a point of a layer internal boundary (_uvIn) More...
struct  _PolyLine
 Poly line composed of _Segment's of one EDGE. It's used to detect intersection of inflated layers by intersecting _Segment's in 2D. More...
struct  _ProxyMeshHolder
 SMESH_subMeshEventListener used to store _ProxyMeshOfFace, computed by _ViscousBuilder2D, in a SMESH_subMesh of the FACE. This is to delete _ProxyMeshOfFace when StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D hypothesis is modified. More...
struct  _ProxyMeshOfFace
 Proxy Mesh of FACE with viscous layers. It's needed only to redefine newSubmesh(). More...
struct  _Segment
 Segment connecting inner ends of two _LayerEdge's. More...
struct  _SegmentIntersection
 Intersector of _Segment's. More...
struct  _SegmentTree
 Tree of _Segment's used for a faster search of _Segment's. More...
class  _ViscousBuilder2D
 Builder of viscous layers. More...


typedef int TGeomID
typedef StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D THypVL
typedef map< const SMDS_MeshNode *, _LayerEdge *, TIDCompareTNode2Edge


bool findHyps (SMESH_Mesh &theMesh, const TopoDS_Face &theFace, vector< const StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D * > &theHyps, vector< TopoDS_Shape > &theAssignedTo)
 Returns StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D for the FACE. More...
int getEdgesToIgnore (const StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D *theHyp, const TopoDS_Shape &theFace, const SMESHDS_Mesh *theMesh, set< int > &theEdgeIds)
 Returns ids of EDGEs not to create Viscous Layers on. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ TGeomID

◆ THypVL

◆ TNode2Edge

Function Documentation

◆ findHyps()

bool VISCOUS_2D::findHyps ( SMESH_Mesh theMesh,
const TopoDS_Face &  theFace,
vector< const StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D * > &  theHyps,
vector< TopoDS_Shape > &  theAssignedTo 

◆ getEdgesToIgnore()

int VISCOUS_2D::getEdgesToIgnore ( const StdMeshers_ViscousLayers2D theHyp,
const TopoDS_Shape &  theFace,
const SMESHDS_Mesh theMesh,
set< int > &  theEdgeIds 

Returns ids of EDGEs not to create Viscous Layers on.

[in]theHyp- the hypothesis, holding edges either to ignore or not to.
[in]theFace- the FACE whose EDGEs are checked.
[in]theMesh- the mesh.
[in,out]theEdgeIds- container returning EDGEs to ignore.
int - number of found EDGEs of the FACE.

References StdMeshers_ViscousLayers::GetBndShapes(), SMESHDS_Mesh::IndexToShape(), SMESH_MesherHelper::IsSubShape(), StdMeshers_ViscousLayers::IsToIgnoreShapes(), and SMESHDS_Mesh::ShapeToIndex().