Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyPlacementItem Class Reference

Edit properties of placement type. More...

#include <PropertyItem.h>

Protected Member Functions

 PropertyPlacementItem ()
virtual void setValue (const QVariant &)
virtual QVariant toolTip (const App::Property *) const
virtual QVariant toString (const QVariant &) const
virtual QVariant value (const App::Property *) const
 ~PropertyPlacementItem ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem
virtual QVariant decoration (const QVariant &) const
virtual QVariant displayName () const
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void onChange ()
 PropertyItem ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::ExpressionBinding
void expressionChange (const App::ObjectIdentifier &id)
std::string getEscapedExpressionString () const
boost::shared_ptr< App::ExpressiongetExpression () const
std::string getExpressionString (bool no_throw=true) const
const App::ObjectIdentifiergetPath () const
void objectDeleted (const App::DocumentObject &)
virtual void setExpression (boost::shared_ptr< App::Expression > expr)


Base::Quantity Angle
Base::Vector3d Axis
Base::Vector3d Position

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem
void appendChild (PropertyItem *child)
virtual void bind (const App::ObjectIdentifier &_path)
virtual void bind (const App::Property &prop)
 override the bind functions to ensure we issue the propertyBound() call, which is then overloaded by childs which like to be informed of a binding More...
PropertyItemchild (int row)
int childCount () const
int columnCount () const
QWidgetcreateExpressionEditor (QWidget *parent, const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const
virtual QVariant data (int column, int role) const
int decimals () const
QString expressionAsString () const
QVariant expressionEditorData (QWidget *editor) const
Qt::ItemFlags flags (int column) const
App::PropertygetFirstProperty ()
const App::PropertygetFirstProperty () const
const std::vector< App::Property * > & getPropertyData () const
bool hasAnyExpression () const
bool hasProperty (const App::Property *) const
void insertChild (int, PropertyItem *child)
bool isLinked () const
bool isReadOnly () const
virtual bool isSeparator () const
PropertyItemparent () const
QString propertyName () const
void removeChildren (int from, int to)
 PropertyItem::removeChildren Deletes the children in the range of [from, to]. More...
bool removeProperty (const App::Property *)
void reset ()
int row () const
bool setData (const QVariant &value)
void setDecimals (int)
void setExpressionEditorData (QWidget *editor, const QVariant &data) const
void setLinked (bool)
void setParent (PropertyItem *parent)
void setPropertyData (const std::vector< App::Property * > &)
 Sets the current property objects. More...
void setPropertyName (const QString &)
void setPropertyValue (const QString &)
void setReadOnly (bool)
PropertyItemtakeChild (int)
 PropertyItem::takeChild Removes the child at index row but doesn't delete it. More...
bool testStatus (App::Property::Status pos) const
void updateData ()
 ~PropertyItem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::ExpressionBinding
virtual bool apply ()
virtual bool apply (const std::string &propName)
bool autoApply () const
 ExpressionBinding ()
QPixmap getIcon (const char *name, const QSize &size) const
bool hasExpression () const
bool isBound () const
void setAutoApply (bool value)
void unbind ()
virtual ~ExpressionBinding ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem
QList< PropertyItem * > childItems
bool cleared
QString displayText
bool linked
int precision
std::vector< App::Property * > propertyItems
QString propName
bool readonly
- Protected Attributes inherited from Gui::ExpressionBinding
QPalette defaultPalette
boost::signals2::scoped_connection expressionchanged
int iconHeight
bool m_autoApply
boost::signals2::scoped_connection objectdeleted

Detailed Description

Edit properties of placement type.

Werner Mayer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PropertyPlacementItem()

◆ ~PropertyPlacementItem()

PropertyPlacementItem::~PropertyPlacementItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ setValue()

void PropertyPlacementItem::setValue ( const QVariant &  value)

◆ toolTip()

◆ toString()

QVariant PropertyPlacementItem::toString ( const QVariant &  prop) const

◆ value()

Property Documentation

◆ Angle

Base::Quantity Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyPlacementItem::Angle

◆ Axis

Base::Vector3d Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyPlacementItem::Axis

◆ Position

Base::Vector3d Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyPlacementItem::Position

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