Gui::RDragger Class Reference

Rotation Dragger. More...

#include <SoFCCSysDragger.h>

Public Member Functions

 RDragger ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void initClass ()

Public Attributes

SoSFColor color
 set from outside. non-active color. More...
SoSFRotation rotation
 set from outside and used from outside for single precision. More...
SoSFDouble rotationIncrement
 set from outside and used for rounding. More...
SoSFInt32 rotationIncrementCount
 number of steps. used from outside. More...

Protected Member Functions

void drag ()
void dragFinish ()
void dragStart ()
virtual SbBool setUpConnections (SbBool onoff, SbBool doitalways=FALSE) override
virtual ~RDragger () override

Static Protected Member Functions

static void fieldSensorCB (void *f, SoSensor *)
static void finishCB (void *, SoDragger *d)
static void motionCB (void *, SoDragger *d)
static void startCB (void *, SoDragger *d)
static void valueChangedCB (void *, SoDragger *d)

Protected Attributes

float arcRadius
SoFieldSensor fieldSensor
SbPlaneProjector projector

Detailed Description

Rotation Dragger.

used for rotating around an axis. Set the rotation increment to desired step. Use rotationIncrementCount multiplied with rotationIncrement for full double precision vector scalar.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RDragger()

◆ ~RDragger()

RDragger::~RDragger ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ drag()

◆ dragFinish()

void RDragger::dragFinish ( )

Referenced by finishCB().

◆ dragStart()

void RDragger::dragStart ( )

References projector, and rotationIncrementCount.

Referenced by startCB().

◆ fieldSensorCB()

void RDragger::fieldSensorCB ( void *  f,
SoSensor *   

Referenced by RDragger(), and setUpConnections().

◆ finishCB()

void RDragger::finishCB ( void *  ,
SoDragger d 

References dragFinish().

Referenced by RDragger().

◆ initClass()

void RDragger::initClass ( void  )

◆ motionCB()

void RDragger::motionCB ( void *  ,
SoDragger d 

References drag().

Referenced by RDragger().

◆ setUpConnections()

SbBool RDragger::setUpConnections ( SbBool  onoff,
SbBool  doitalways = FALSE 

References fieldSensor, fieldSensorCB(), and rotation.

Referenced by RDragger().

◆ startCB()

void RDragger::startCB ( void *  ,
SoDragger d 

References dragStart().

Referenced by RDragger().

◆ valueChangedCB()

void RDragger::valueChangedCB ( void *  ,
SoDragger d 

References fieldSensor, and rotation.

Referenced by RDragger().

Member Data Documentation

◆ arcRadius

float Gui::RDragger::arcRadius

Referenced by RDragger().

◆ color

◆ fieldSensor

SoFieldSensor Gui::RDragger::fieldSensor

◆ projector

SbPlaneProjector Gui::RDragger::projector

Referenced by drag(), and dragStart().

◆ rotation

SoSFRotation Gui::RDragger::rotation

◆ rotationIncrement

SoSFDouble Gui::RDragger::rotationIncrement

set from outside and used for rounding.

Referenced by drag(), RDragger(), and Gui::SoFCCSysDragger::SoFCCSysDragger().

◆ rotationIncrementCount

SoSFInt32 Gui::RDragger::rotationIncrementCount

number of steps. used from outside.

Referenced by drag(), dragStart(), RDragger(), and Gui::SoFCCSysDragger::SoFCCSysDragger().

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