PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def test00 (self)
def test01 (self)
def test02 (self)
def test03 (self)
def test04 (self)
def test07 (self)
def test08 (self)
def test10 (self)
def test20 (self)
def test30 (self)
def test40 (self)
def test41 (self)
def test42 (self)
def test50 (self)
def test60 (self)
def test62 (self)
def test65 (self)
def test66 (self)
def test70 (self)
def test71 (self)
def test72 (self)
def test73 (self)
def test74 (self)
def test75 (self)
def test76 (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase
def assertArc (self, edge, pt1, pt2, direction="CW")
def assertCircle (self, edge, pt, r)
def assertCoincide (self, pt1, pt2, error=0.0001)
def assertCommandEqual (self, c1, c2)
def assertConeAt (self, solid, pt, r1, r2, h)
def assertCurve (self, edge, p1, p2, p3)
def assertCylinderAt (self, solid, pt, r, h)
def assertEdgeShapesMatch (self, e1, e2)
def assertEqualLocale (self, s1, s2)
def assertLine (self, edge, pt1, pt2)
def assertLines (self, edgs, tail, points)
def assertPlacement (self, p1, p2)
def assertPointsMatch (self, pts0, pts1)
def assertRoughly (self, f1, f2, error=0.00001)

Detailed Description

Test Path <-> Wire conversion.

Member Function Documentation

◆ test00()

◆ test01()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test01 (   self)
Verify diffAngle functionality.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertRoughly().

◆ test02()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test02 (   self)
Verify isVertical/isHorizontal for Vector

◆ test03()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test03 (   self)
Verify isVertical/isHorizontal for Edges

◆ test04()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test04 (   self)
Verify isVertical/isHorizontal for faces

◆ test07()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test07 (   self)
Verify speed interpolation works for different pitches

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertRoughly().

◆ test08()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test08 (   self)
Verify speed interpolation works for different pitches if vSpeed > hSpeed

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertRoughly().

◆ test10()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test10 (   self)
Verify proper geometry objects for G1 and G01 commands are created.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertLine().

◆ test20()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test20 (   self)
Verify proper geometry for arcs in the XY-plane are created.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertArc().

◆ test30()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test30 (   self)
Verify proper geometry for arcs with rising and fall ing Z-axis are created.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCurve().

◆ test40()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test40 (   self)
Verify arc results in proper G2/3 command.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCommandEqual().

◆ test41()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test41 (   self)
Verify circle results in proper G2/G3 commands.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCommandEqual().

◆ test42()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test42 (   self)
Verify ellipsis results in a proper segmentation of G1 commands.

◆ test50()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test50 (   self)
Verify proper wire(s) aggregation from a Path.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertLine().

◆ test60()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test60 (   self)
Verify arcToHelix returns proper helix.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCurve().

◆ test62()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test62 (   self)
Verify splitArcAt returns proper subarcs.

References PathTests.PathTestUtils.PathTestBase.assertCurve().

◆ test65()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test65 (   self)

◆ test66()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test66 (   self)

◆ test70()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test70 (   self)

◆ test71()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test71 (   self)

◆ test72()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test72 (   self)

◆ test73()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test73 (   self)

◆ test74()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test74 (   self)

◆ test75()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test75 (   self)

◆ test76()

def PathTests.TestPathGeom.TestPathGeom.test76 (   self)
Flip an offset wire

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