Gui::SoBoxSelectionRenderAction Class Reference

The SoBoxSelectionRenderAction class renders the scene with highlighted boxes around selections. More...

#include <SoFCSelectionAction.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void apply (const SoPathList &pathlist, SbBool obeysrules=false)
virtual void apply (SoNode *node)
virtual void apply (SoPath *path)
const SbColor & getColor (void)
unsigned short getLinePattern (void) const
float getLineWidth (void) const
SbBool isVisible () const
void setColor (const SbColor &color)
void setLinePattern (unsigned short pattern)
void setLineWidth (const float width)
void setVisible (SbBool b)
 SoBoxSelectionRenderAction (const SbViewportRegion &viewportregion)
 SoBoxSelectionRenderAction (void)
virtual ~SoBoxSelectionRenderAction ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void initClass (void)

Protected Attributes

SbBool hlVisible

Detailed Description

The SoBoxSelectionRenderAction class renders the scene with highlighted boxes around selections.

Werner Mayer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoBoxSelectionRenderAction() [1/2]

SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::SoBoxSelectionRenderAction ( void  )

◆ SoBoxSelectionRenderAction() [2/2]

SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::SoBoxSelectionRenderAction ( const SbViewportRegion &  viewportregion)

◆ ~SoBoxSelectionRenderAction()

SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::~SoBoxSelectionRenderAction ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply() [1/3]

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::apply ( const SoPathList &  pathlist,
SbBool  obeysrules = false 

◆ apply() [2/3]

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::apply ( SoNode node)

◆ apply() [3/3]

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::apply ( SoPath *  path)

◆ getColor()

◆ getLinePattern()

unsigned short SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::getLinePattern ( void  ) const

◆ getLineWidth()

float SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::getLineWidth ( void  ) const

◆ initClass()

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::initClass ( void  )

Referenced by Gui::SoFCDB::init().

◆ isVisible()

SbBool Gui::SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::isVisible ( ) const

◆ setColor()

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::setColor ( const SbColor &  color)

◆ setLinePattern()

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::setLinePattern ( unsigned short  pattern)

◆ setLineWidth()

void SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::setLineWidth ( const float  width)

◆ setVisible()

void Gui::SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::setVisible ( SbBool  b)

Member Data Documentation

◆ hlVisible

SbBool Gui::SoBoxSelectionRenderAction::hlVisible

Referenced by apply().

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