e57::DataPacket Class Reference

#include <Packet.h>

Public Member Functions

 DataPacket ()
char * getBytestream (unsigned bytestreamNumber, unsigned &byteCount)
unsigned getBytestreamBufferLength (unsigned bytestreamNumber)
void verify (unsigned bufferLength=0) const

Public Attributes

DataPacketHeader header
uint8_t payload [PayloadSize]

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int PayloadSize = DATA_PACKET_MAX - sizeof( DataPacketHeader )

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DataPacket()

DataPacket::DataPacket ( )

Double check that packet struct is correct length. Watch out for RTTI increasing the size.

References DataPacket().

Referenced by DataPacket().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBytestream()

char * DataPacket::getBytestream ( unsigned  bytestreamNumber,
unsigned &  byteCount 

Verify that packet is correct type

Check bytestreamNumber in bounds

Calc positions in packet

Sum size of preceding stream buffers to get position

Double check buffer is completely within packet

Return start of buffer

References e57::DataPacketHeader::bytestreamCount, e57::DATA_PACKET, e57::E57_ERROR_BAD_CV_PACKET, e57::E57_ERROR_INTERNAL, header, e57::DataPacketHeader::packetLogicalLengthMinus1, e57::DataPacketHeader::packetType, payload, and e57::toString().

Referenced by getBytestreamBufferLength().

◆ getBytestreamBufferLength()

unsigned DataPacket::getBytestreamBufferLength ( unsigned  bytestreamNumber)

References getBytestream().

◆ verify()

void DataPacket::verify ( unsigned  bufferLength = 0) const

Verify header is good

Calc sum of lengths of each bytestream buffer in this packet

Calc size of packet needed

If needed is not with 3 bytes of actual packet size, have an error

Verify that padding at end of packet is zero

References e57::DataPacketHeader::bytestreamCount, e57::E57_ERROR_BAD_CV_PACKET, header, e57::DataPacketHeader::packetLogicalLengthMinus1, payload, e57::toString(), and e57::DataPacketHeader::verify().

Referenced by e57::PacketReadCache::readPacket().

Member Data Documentation

◆ header

DataPacketHeader e57::DataPacket::header

Referenced by getBytestream(), and verify().

◆ payload

uint8_t e57::DataPacket::payload[PayloadSize]

Referenced by getBytestream(), and verify().

◆ PayloadSize

constexpr int e57::DataPacket::PayloadSize = DATA_PACKET_MAX - sizeof( DataPacketHeader )

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