TechDraw::BezierSegment Class Reference

#include <Geometry.h>

Public Member Functions

 BezierSegment ()
 BezierSegment (const TopoDS_Edge &e)
 ~BezierSegment ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from TechDraw::BaseGeom
 BaseGeom ()
bool closed (void)
BaseGeomPtr copy ()
std::string dump ()
std::vector< Base::Vector3dfindEndPoints ()
std::string getCosmeticTag (void)
Base::Vector3d getEndPoint ()
Base::Vector3d getMidPoint ()
std::vector< Base::Vector3dgetQuads ()
Base::Vector3d getStartPoint ()
boost::uuids::uuid getTag () const
virtual std::string getTagAsString (void) const
std::vector< Base::Vector3dintersection (TechDraw::BaseGeomPtr geom2)
double minDist (Base::Vector3d p)
Base::Vector3d nearPoint (Base::Vector3d p)
Base::Vector3d nearPoint (const BaseGeomPtr p)
 find point on me nearest to p More...
virtual void Restore (Base::XMLReader &r)
virtual void Save (Base::Writer &w) const
void setCosmeticTag (std::string t)
void source (int s)
int source (void)
void sourceIndex (int si)
int sourceIndex (void)
virtual std::string toString (void) const
virtual ~BaseGeom ()=default

Public Attributes

int degree
std::vector< Base::Vector3dpnts
int poles
- Public Attributes inherited from TechDraw::BaseGeom
edgeClass classOfEdge
bool cosmetic
ExtractionType extractType
GeomType geomType
bool hlrVisible
TopoDS_Edge occEdge
int ref3D
bool reversed

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TechDraw::BaseGeom
static BaseGeomPtr baseFactory (TopoDS_Edge edge)
 Convert 1 OCC edge into 1 BaseGeom (static factory method) More...
static bool validateEdge (TopoDS_Edge edge)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TechDraw::BaseGeom
void createNewTag ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from TechDraw::BaseGeom
std::string cosmeticTag
int m_source
int m_sourceIndex
boost::uuids::uuid tag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BezierSegment() [1/2]

◆ BezierSegment() [2/2]

TechDraw::BezierSegment::BezierSegment ( )

◆ ~BezierSegment()

TechDraw::BezierSegment::~BezierSegment ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ degree

◆ pnts

◆ poles

int TechDraw::BezierSegment::poles

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