SandboxGui::TaskPanelView Class Reference

A test class. More...

#include <TaskPanelView.h>

Public Member Functions

void executeAction ()
void on_rbAndroidScheme_toggled (bool b)
void on_rbDefaultScheme_toggled (bool b)
void on_rbMacScheme_toggled (bool b)
void on_rbVistaScheme_toggled (bool b)
void on_rbXPBlue2Scheme_toggled (bool b)
void on_rbXPBlueScheme_toggled (bool b)
 TaskPanelView (QWidget *parent=0)
 A constructor. More...
virtual ~TaskPanelView ()
 A destructor. More...

Detailed Description

A test class.

A more elaborate class description.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TaskPanelView()

◆ ~TaskPanelView()

TaskPanelView::~TaskPanelView ( )

A destructor.

A more elaborate description of the destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ executeAction()

void TaskPanelView::executeAction ( )

Referenced by TaskPanelView().

◆ on_rbAndroidScheme_toggled()

void TaskPanelView::on_rbAndroidScheme_toggled ( bool  b)

◆ on_rbDefaultScheme_toggled()

void TaskPanelView::on_rbDefaultScheme_toggled ( bool  b)

◆ on_rbMacScheme_toggled()

void TaskPanelView::on_rbMacScheme_toggled ( bool  b)

◆ on_rbVistaScheme_toggled()

void TaskPanelView::on_rbVistaScheme_toggled ( bool  b)

◆ on_rbXPBlue2Scheme_toggled()

void TaskPanelView::on_rbXPBlue2Scheme_toggled ( bool  b)

◆ on_rbXPBlueScheme_toggled()

void TaskPanelView::on_rbXPBlueScheme_toggled ( bool  b)

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