App::ColorLegend Class Reference

#include <ColorModel.h>

Public Member Functions

std::size_t addMax (const std::string &rclName)
std::size_t addMin (const std::string &rclName)
 ColorLegend ()
 ColorLegend (const ColorLegend &rclCL)
Color getColor (float fVal) const
Color getColor (std::size_t ulPos) const
std::size_t getColorIndex (float fVal) const
float getMaxValue () const
float getMinValue () const
uint32_t getPackedColor (std::size_t ulPos) const
std::string getText (std::size_t ulPos) const
float getValue (std::size_t ulPos) const
std::size_t hasNumberOfFields () const
bool isOutsideGrayed () const
bool operator!= (const ColorLegend &rclCL) const
ColorLegendoperator= (const ColorLegend &rclCL)
bool operator== (const ColorLegend &rclCL) const
bool remove (std::size_t ulPos)
void removeFirst ()
void removeLast ()
void resize (std::size_t ulN)
bool setColor (std::size_t ulPos, float ucRed, float ucGreen, float ucBlue)
bool setColor (std::size_t ulPos, unsigned long ulColor)
void setOutsideGrayed (bool bOS)
bool setText (std::size_t ulPos, const std::string &rclName)
bool setValue (std::size_t ulPos, float fVal)
virtual ~ColorLegend ()

Protected Attributes

std::deque< ColorcolorFields
std::deque< std::string > names
bool outsideGrayed
std::deque< float > values

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ColorLegend() [1/2]

ColorLegend::ColorLegend ( )

References colorFields.

◆ ColorLegend() [2/2]

ColorLegend::ColorLegend ( const ColorLegend rclCL)

◆ ~ColorLegend()

virtual App::ColorLegend::~ColorLegend ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addMax()

std::size_t ColorLegend::addMax ( const std::string &  rclName)

◆ addMin()

std::size_t ColorLegend::addMin ( const std::string &  rclName)

References App::Color::b, colorFields, App::Color::g, and App::Color::r.

Referenced by resize().

◆ getColor() [1/2]

◆ getColor() [2/2]

◆ getColorIndex()

std::size_t App::ColorLegend::getColorIndex ( float  fVal) const

References colorFields.

◆ getMaxValue()

float App::ColorLegend::getMaxValue ( ) const

◆ getMinValue()

float App::ColorLegend::getMinValue ( ) const

◆ getPackedColor()

uint32_t ColorLegend::getPackedColor ( std::size_t  ulPos) const

◆ getText()

std::string ColorLegend::getText ( std::size_t  ulPos) const

◆ getValue()

float ColorLegend::getValue ( std::size_t  ulPos) const

◆ hasNumberOfFields()

std::size_t App::ColorLegend::hasNumberOfFields ( ) const

◆ isOutsideGrayed()

bool App::ColorLegend::isOutsideGrayed ( ) const

◆ operator!=()

bool App::ColorLegend::operator!= ( const ColorLegend rclCL) const

◆ operator=()

ColorLegend & ColorLegend::operator= ( const ColorLegend rclCL)

References colorFields, names, outsideGrayed, and values.

◆ operator==()

bool ColorLegend::operator== ( const ColorLegend rclCL) const

References colorFields, names, outsideGrayed, and values.

◆ remove()

bool ColorLegend::remove ( std::size_t  ulPos)

References colorFields.

◆ removeFirst()

void ColorLegend::removeFirst ( )

References colorFields.

◆ removeLast()

void ColorLegend::removeLast ( )

References colorFields.

Referenced by resize().

◆ resize()

void ColorLegend::resize ( std::size_t  ulN)

References addMin(), colorFields, and removeLast().

◆ setColor() [1/2]

bool ColorLegend::setColor ( std::size_t  ulPos,
float  ucRed,
float  ucGreen,
float  ucBlue 

References colorFields.

Referenced by setColor().

◆ setColor() [2/2]

bool ColorLegend::setColor ( std::size_t  ulPos,
unsigned long  ulColor 

References setColor().

◆ setOutsideGrayed()

void App::ColorLegend::setOutsideGrayed ( bool  bOS)

◆ setText()

bool ColorLegend::setText ( std::size_t  ulPos,
const std::string &  rclName 

◆ setValue()

bool ColorLegend::setValue ( std::size_t  ulPos,
float  fVal 

Member Data Documentation

◆ colorFields

std::deque<Color> App::ColorLegend::colorFields

◆ names

std::deque<std::string> App::ColorLegend::names

Referenced by operator=(), and operator==().

◆ outsideGrayed

bool App::ColorLegend::outsideGrayed

Referenced by getColor(), operator=(), and operator==().

◆ values

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