Base::Line2d Class Reference

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#include <Tools2D.h>

Public Member Functions

BoundBox2d CalcBoundBox () const
 LINE2D. More...
bool Contains (const Vector2d &rclV) const
Vector2d FromPos (double fDistance) const
bool Intersect (const Line2d &rclLine, Vector2d &rclV) const
bool Intersect (const Vector2d &rclV, double eps) const
bool IntersectAndContain (const Line2d &rclLine, Vector2d &rclV) const
double Length () const
 Line2d ()
 Line2d (const Line2d &rclLine)
 Line2d (const Vector2d &rclV1, const Vector2d &rclV2)
Line2doperator= (const Line2d &rclLine)
bool operator== (const Line2d &rclLine) const

Public Attributes

Vector2d clV1
Vector2d clV2

Detailed Description


2D line class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Line2d() [1/3]

Base::Line2d::Line2d ( )

◆ Line2d() [2/3]

Base::Line2d::Line2d ( const Line2d rclLine)

◆ Line2d() [3/3]

Base::Line2d::Line2d ( const Vector2d rclV1,
const Vector2d rclV2 

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalcBoundBox()

◆ Contains()

bool Base::Line2d::Contains ( const Vector2d rclV) const

◆ FromPos()

Vector2d Line2d::FromPos ( double  fDistance) const

◆ Intersect() [1/2]

bool Line2d::Intersect ( const Line2d rclLine,
Vector2d rclV 
) const

◆ Intersect() [2/2]

bool Line2d::Intersect ( const Vector2d rclV,
double  eps 
) const

◆ IntersectAndContain()

bool Line2d::IntersectAndContain ( const Line2d rclLine,
Vector2d rclV 
) const

◆ Length()

◆ operator=()

Line2d & Base::Line2d::operator= ( const Line2d rclLine)

References clV1, and clV2.

◆ operator==()

bool Base::Line2d::operator== ( const Line2d rclLine) const

References clV1, and clV2.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clV1

◆ clV2

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