Gui::LinkView::SubInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool isLinked () const
void link (App::DocumentObject *obj)
virtual void onLinkedIconChange (LinkInfoPtr) override
 SubInfo (LinkView &handle)
virtual void unlink (LinkInfoPtr info=LinkInfoPtr()) override
 ~SubInfo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::LinkOwner
virtual void onLinkedIconChange (LinkInfoPtr)
virtual void onLinkedUpdateData (LinkInfoPtr, const App::Property *)
virtual void unlink (LinkInfoPtr)

Public Attributes

LinkInfoPtr linkInfo
friend LinkView
CoinPtr< SoSeparatorpcNode
CoinPtr< SoTransform > pcTransform
std::set< std::string > subElements

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::LinkOwner
virtual ~LinkOwner ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SubInfo()

Gui::LinkView::SubInfo::SubInfo ( LinkView handle)

◆ ~SubInfo()

Member Function Documentation

◆ isLinked()

bool Gui::LinkView::SubInfo::isLinked ( ) const

◆ link()

◆ onLinkedIconChange()

virtual void Gui::LinkView::SubInfo::onLinkedIconChange ( LinkInfoPtr  )

◆ unlink()

Member Data Documentation

◆ handle

◆ linkInfo

◆ LinkView

friend Gui::LinkView::SubInfo::LinkView

◆ pcNode

◆ pcTransform

CoinPtr<SoTransform> Gui::LinkView::SubInfo::pcTransform

◆ subElements

std::set<std::string> Gui::LinkView::SubInfo::subElements

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