ArchIFC.IfcContext Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def getIfcSchema (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArchIFC.IfcRoot
def addIfcAttribute (self, obj, attribute)
def addIfcAttributes (self, ifcTypeSchema, obj)
def addIfcAttributeValueExpressions (self, obj, attribute)
def getCanonicalisedIfcTypes (self)
def getIfcAttributeSchema (self, ifcTypeSchema, name)
def getIfcSchema (self)
def getIfcTypeSchema (self, IfcType)
def getObjIfcComplexAttribute (self, obj, attributeName)
def migrateDeprecatedAttributes (self, obj)
def onChanged (self, obj, prop)
def purgeUnusedIfcAttributesFromPropertiesList (self, ifcTypeSchema, obj)
def setObjIfcAttributeValue (self, obj, attributeName, value)
def setObjIfcComplexAttributeValue (self, obj, attributeName, value)
def setProperties (self, obj)
def setupIfcAttributes (self, obj)
def setupIfcComplexAttributes (self, obj)

Detailed Description

This class is subclassed by classes that define a particular context.

Currently, only the _Project inherits this class.

You can learn more about how contexts fit into the IFC schema here:

Member Function Documentation

◆ getIfcSchema()

def ArchIFC.IfcContext.getIfcSchema (   self)
Get the IFC schema of all IFC types that inherit from IfcContexts.

    The schema of all the types relevant to this class.

Reimplemented from ArchIFC.IfcRoot.

Referenced by ArchIFC.IfcRoot.getCanonicalisedIfcTypes(), and ArchIFC.IfcRoot.getIfcTypeSchema().

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