SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.SELECT Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def get_allowed_basic_types (self)
def get_allowed_types (self)

Detailed Description

 A select data type has as its domain the union of the domains of the named data types in
its select list. The select data type is a generalization of each of the named data types in its
select list.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_allowed_basic_types()

def SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.SELECT.get_allowed_basic_types (   self)
 if a select contains some subselect, goes down through the different
sublayers until there is no more 

References SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.SELECT.get_allowed_types().

◆ get_allowed_types()

def SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.SELECT.get_allowed_types (   self)

References SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.SELECT._base_types.

Referenced by SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.SELECT.get_allowed_basic_types().

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