SketcherGui::ViewProviderSketchCoinAttorney Class Reference

Attorney class for limiting access to viewprovider. More...

#include <ViewProviderSketchCoinAttorney.h>


class EditModeCoinManager
class EditModeConstraintCoinManager
class EditModeGeometryCoinManager

Detailed Description

Attorney class for limiting access to viewprovider.

ViewProviderSketch delegates a substantial part of coin related visualisation to ViewProviderSketchCoinAttorney during edit mode.

Sometimes friend classes of ViewProviderSketchCoinAttorney need to access selected functionalities only available to ViewProviderSketch.

This attorney class regulates which specific functionalities ViewProviderSketchCoinAttorney is able to access in ViewProviderSketch.

The objective is:

  • to preserve as much as possible ViewProviderSketch encapsulation
  • to promote as much as reasonably possible loose coupling between tightly related classes.
  • to keep control over the interactions between these classes and easily identify the cooperation interface.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ EditModeCoinManager

◆ EditModeConstraintCoinManager

◆ EditModeGeometryCoinManager

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