Gui::TreeParams Class Reference

Helper class to read/write tree view options. More...

#include <Tree.h>

Public Member Functions

bool getTreeViewStretchDescription () const
void OnChange (Base::Subject< const char * > &, const char *sReason)
 TreeParams ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TreeParamsInstance ()

Detailed Description

Helper class to read/write tree view options.

The parameters are stored under group "User parameter:BaseApp/Preferences/TreeView". Call TreeParams::Instance()->ParamName/setParamName() to get/set parameter. To add a new parameter, add a new line under FC_TREEPARAM_DEFS using macro

FC_TREEPARAM_DEF(parameter_name, c_type, parameter_type, default_value)

If there is special handling on parameter change, use FC_TREEPARAM_DEF2() instead, and add a function with the following signature in Tree.cpp,

void TreeParams:on<ParamName>Changed()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TreeParams()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTreeViewStretchDescription()

bool TreeParams::getTreeViewStretchDescription ( ) const

◆ Instance()

◆ OnChange()

FC_TREEPARAM_DEFS void TreeParams::OnChange ( Base::Subject< const char * > &  ,
const char *  sReason 

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