ModelRefine::FaceTypedBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <modelRefine.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual TopoDS_Face buildFace (const FaceVectorType &faces) const =0
virtual GeomAbs_SurfaceType getType () const =0
virtual bool isEqual (const TopoDS_Face &faceOne, const TopoDS_Face &faceTwo) const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static GeomAbs_SurfaceType getFaceType (const TopoDS_Face &faceIn)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void boundarySplit (const FaceVectorType &facesIn, std::vector< EdgeVectorType > &boundariesOut) const
 FaceTypedBase (const GeomAbs_SurfaceType &typeIn)

Protected Attributes

GeomAbs_SurfaceType surfaceType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FaceTypedBase()

ModelRefine::FaceTypedBase::FaceTypedBase ( const GeomAbs_SurfaceType &  typeIn)

References surfaceType.

Member Function Documentation

◆ boundarySplit()

void FaceTypedBase::boundarySplit ( const FaceVectorType facesIn,
std::vector< EdgeVectorType > &  boundariesOut 
) const

◆ buildFace()

virtual TopoDS_Face ModelRefine::FaceTypedBase::buildFace ( const FaceVectorType faces) const
pure virtual

◆ getFaceType()

GeomAbs_SurfaceType FaceTypedBase::getFaceType ( const TopoDS_Face &  faceIn)

◆ getType()

virtual GeomAbs_SurfaceType ModelRefine::FaceTypedBase::getType ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ isEqual()

virtual bool ModelRefine::FaceTypedBase::isEqual ( const TopoDS_Face &  faceOne,
const TopoDS_Face &  faceTwo 
) const
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

◆ surfaceType

GeomAbs_SurfaceType ModelRefine::FaceTypedBase::surfaceType

Referenced by FaceTypedBase().

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