App::LinkParams Class Reference

Convenient class to obtain App::Link related parameters. More...

#include <Link.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const booldefaultCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ()
static const char * docCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ()
static const boolgetCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ()
 Accessor for parameter CopyOnChangeApplyToAll. More...
static ParameterGrp::handle getHandle ()
static void removeCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ()
static void setCopyOnChangeApplyToAll (const bool &v)

Detailed Description

Convenient class to obtain App::Link related parameters.

The parameters are under group "User parameter:BaseApp/Preferences/Link"

This class is auto generated by Modify that file instead of this one, if you want to add any parameter. You need to install Cog Python package for code generation:

pip install cogapp

Once modified, you can regenerate the header and the source file,

python3 -m cogapp -r Link.h Link.cpp

You can add a new parameter by adding lines in Available parameter types are 'Int, UInt, String, Bool, Float'. For example, to add a new Int type parameter,

ParamInt(parameter_name, default_value, documentation, on_change=False)

If there is special handling on parameter change, pass in on_change=True. And you need to provide a function implementation in Link.cpp with the following signature.

void LinkParams:on<parameter_name>Changed()

Member Function Documentation

◆ defaultCopyOnChangeApplyToAll()

static const bool & App::LinkParams::defaultCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ( )

◆ docCopyOnChangeApplyToAll()

static const char * App::LinkParams::docCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ( )

◆ getCopyOnChangeApplyToAll()

static const bool & App::LinkParams::getCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ( )

Accessor for parameter CopyOnChangeApplyToAll.

Stores the last user choice of whether to apply CopyOnChange setup to all link that links to the same configurable object

Referenced by Gui::ViewProviderLink::setupContextMenu().

◆ getHandle()

static ParameterGrp::handle App::LinkParams::getHandle ( )

◆ removeCopyOnChangeApplyToAll()

static void App::LinkParams::removeCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ( )

◆ setCopyOnChangeApplyToAll()

static void App::LinkParams::setCopyOnChangeApplyToAll ( const bool v)

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