SMESH::Controls::Skew Class Reference

#include <SMESH_ControlsDef.hxx>

Public Member Functions

virtual double GetBadRate (double Value, int nbNodes) const
virtual SMDSAbs_ElementType GetType () const
virtual double GetValue (const TSequenceOfXYZ &thePoints)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMESH::Controls::NumericalFunctor
void GetHistogram (int nbIntervals, std::vector< int > &nbEvents, std::vector< double > &funValues, const std::vector< int > &elements, const double *minmax=0, const bool isLogarithmic=false)
 Return histogram of functor values. More...
bool GetPoints (const int theId, TSequenceOfXYZ &theRes) const
long GetPrecision () const
virtual double GetValue (long theElementId)
 NumericalFunctor ()
double Round (const double &value)
virtual void SetMesh (const SMDS_Mesh *theMesh)
void SetPrecision (const long thePrecision)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMESH::Controls::Functor
virtual ~Functor ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SMESH::Controls::NumericalFunctor
static bool GetPoints (const SMDS_MeshElement *theElem, TSequenceOfXYZ &theRes)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SMESH::Controls::NumericalFunctor
const SMDS_MeshElementmyCurrElement
const SMDS_MeshmyMesh
long myPrecision
double myPrecisionValue

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBadRate()

double Skew::GetBadRate ( double  Value,
int  nbNodes 
) const

◆ GetType()

SMDSAbs_ElementType Skew::GetType ( ) const

◆ GetValue()

double Skew::GetValue ( const TSequenceOfXYZ thePoints)

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