struct  Buffer

Public Member Functions

void render (SoGLRenderAction *action, const SoGLCoordinateElement *const vertexlist, const int32_t *vertexindices, int num_vertexindices, const int32_t *partindices, int num_partindices, const SbVec3f *normals, const int32_t *normindices, SoMaterialBundle *const materials, const int32_t *matindices, SoTextureCoordinateBundle *const texcoords, const int32_t *texindices, const int nbind, const int mbind, SbBool texture)
 VBO ()
 ~VBO ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void context_destruction_cb (uint32_t context, void *userdata)
static void vbo_delete (void *closure, uint32_t contextid)

Public Attributes

uint32_t indice_array
std::map< uint32_t, Buffervbomap

Static Public Attributes

static SbBool vboAvailable = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VBO()

◆ ~VBO()

Member Function Documentation

◆ context_destruction_cb()

static void PartGui::SoBrepFaceSet::VBO::context_destruction_cb ( uint32_t  context,
void *  userdata 

◆ render()

void PartGui::SoBrepFaceSet::VBO::render ( SoGLRenderAction action,
const SoGLCoordinateElement *const  vertexlist,
const int32_t *  vertexindices,
int  num_vertexindices,
const int32_t *  partindices,
int  num_partindices,
const SbVec3f *  normals,
const int32_t *  normindices,
SoMaterialBundle *const  materials,
const int32_t *  matindices,
SoTextureCoordinateBundle *const  texcoords,
const int32_t *  texindices,
const int  nbind,
const int  mbind,
SbBool  texture 

◆ vbo_delete()

static void PartGui::SoBrepFaceSet::VBO::vbo_delete ( void *  closure,
uint32_t  contextid 

Member Data Documentation

◆ indice_array

uint32_t PartGui::SoBrepFaceSet::VBO::indice_array

◆ vboAvailable

SbBool PartGui::SoBrepFaceSet::VBO::vboAvailable = false

◆ vbomap

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