Base::Vector3< _Precision > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Base::Vector3< _Precision >, including all inherited members.

Cross(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
DistanceToLine(const Vector3 &rclBase, const Vector3 &rclDirect) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
DistanceToLineSegment(const Vector3 &rclP1, const Vector3 &rclP2) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
DistanceToPlane(const Vector3 &rclBase, const Vector3 &rclNorm) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
Dot(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
epsilon()Base::Vector3< _Precision >static
GetAngle(const Vector3 &rcVect) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
IsEqual(const Vector3 &rclPnt, _Precision tol) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
IsNull() constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
IsOnLineSegment(const Vector3< _Precision > &startVct, const Vector3< _Precision > &endVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
Length() constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
Move(_Precision fX, _Precision fY, _Precision fZ)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
MoveX(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
MoveY(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
MoveZ(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
Normalize()Base::Vector3< _Precision >
num_type typedefBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator!=(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator%(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator&(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator*(_Precision fScale) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator*(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator*=(_Precision fScale)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
operator+(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator+=(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
operator-(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator-() constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator-=(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
operator/(_Precision fDiv) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator/=(_Precision fDiv)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
operator=(const Vector3< _Precision > &v)=defaultBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator=(Vector3< _Precision > &&v)=defaultBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator==(const Vector3< _Precision > &rcVct) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
operator[](unsigned short usIndex)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
operator[](unsigned short usIndex) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
Perpendicular(const Vector3 &rclBase, const Vector3 &rclDir) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
ProjectToLine(const Vector3 &rclPoint, const Vector3 &rclLine)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
ProjectToPlane(const Vector3 &rclBase, const Vector3 &rclNorm)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
ProjectToPlane(const Vector3 &rclBase, const Vector3 &rclNorm, Vector3 &rclProj) constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
RotateX(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
RotateY(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
RotateZ(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
Scale(_Precision fX, _Precision fY, _Precision fZ)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
ScaleX(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
ScaleY(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
ScaleZ(_Precision f)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
Set(_Precision fX, _Precision fY, _Precision fZ)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
Sqr() constBase::Vector3< _Precision >
traits_type typedefBase::Vector3< _Precision >
TransformToCoordinateSystem(const Vector3 &rclBase, const Vector3 &rclDirX, const Vector3 &rclDirY)Base::Vector3< _Precision >
Vector3(_Precision fx=0.0, _Precision fy=0.0, _Precision fz=0.0)Base::Vector3< _Precision >explicit
Vector3(const Vector3< _Precision > &v)=defaultBase::Vector3< _Precision >
Vector3(Vector3< _Precision > &&v)=defaultBase::Vector3< _Precision >
xBase::Vector3< _Precision >
yBase::Vector3< _Precision >
zBase::Vector3< _Precision >
~Vector3()=defaultBase::Vector3< _Precision >