DrawSketchHandlerPoint Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual void activated (ViewProviderSketch *)
 DrawSketchHandlerPoint ()
virtual void mouseMove (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos)
virtual bool pressButton (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos)
virtual bool releaseButton (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos)
virtual ~DrawSketchHandlerPoint ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler
void createAutoConstraints (const std::vector< AutoConstraint > &autoConstrs, int geoId, Sketcher::PointPos pointPos=Sketcher::none, bool createowncommand=true)
virtual void deactivated (ViewProviderSketch *)
 DrawSketchHandler ()
int getHighestCurveIndex (void)
int getHighestVertexIndex (void)
virtual bool onSelectionChanged (const Gui::SelectionChanges &)
virtual void quit (void)
virtual void registerPressedKey (bool, int)
void renderSuggestConstraintsCursor (std::vector< AutoConstraint > &suggestedConstraints)
void resetPositionText (void)
int seekAutoConstraint (std::vector< AutoConstraint > &suggestedConstraints, const Base::Vector2d &Pos, const Base::Vector2d &Dir, AutoConstraint::TargetType type=AutoConstraint::VERTEX)
void setPositionText (const Base::Vector2d &Pos)
void setPositionText (const Base::Vector2d &Pos, const SbString &text)
virtual ~DrawSketchHandler ()

Protected Attributes

Base::Vector2d EditPoint
bool selectionDone
std::vector< AutoConstraintsugConstr
- Protected Attributes inherited from SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler
QCursor actCursor
QPixmap actCursorPixmap
QCursor oldCursor

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler
void addCursorTail (std::vector< QPixmap > &pixmaps)
void applyCursor (QCursor &newCursor)
void applyCursor (void)
qreal devicePixelRatio ()
unsigned long getCrosshairColor ()
void setCrosshairColor ()
void setCrosshairCursor (const char *svgName)
void setCursor (const QPixmap &pixmap, int x, int y, bool autoScale=true)
 Sets a cursor for 3D inventor view. More...
void setSvgCursor (const QString &svgName, int x, int y, const std::map< unsigned long, unsigned long > &colorMapping=std::map< unsigned long, unsigned long >())
std::vector< QPixmap > suggestedConstraintsPixmaps (std::vector< AutoConstraint > &suggestedConstraints)
 Returns constraints icons scaled to width. More...
void unsetCursor (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DrawSketchHandlerPoint()

DrawSketchHandlerPoint::DrawSketchHandlerPoint ( )

◆ ~DrawSketchHandlerPoint()

virtual DrawSketchHandlerPoint::~DrawSketchHandlerPoint ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ activated()

virtual void DrawSketchHandlerPoint::activated ( ViewProviderSketch )

◆ mouseMove()

◆ pressButton()

virtual bool DrawSketchHandlerPoint::pressButton ( Base::Vector2d  onSketchPos)

◆ releaseButton()

Member Data Documentation

◆ EditPoint

Base::Vector2d DrawSketchHandlerPoint::EditPoint

Referenced by pressButton(), and releaseButton().

◆ selectionDone

bool DrawSketchHandlerPoint::selectionDone

Referenced by pressButton(), and releaseButton().

◆ sugConstr

std::vector<AutoConstraint> DrawSketchHandlerPoint::sugConstr

Referenced by mouseMove(), and releaseButton().

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