CCurve Member List

This is the complete list of members for CCurve, including all inherited members.

AddArcOrLines(bool check_for_arc, std::list< CVertex > &new_vertices, std::list< const CVertex * > &might_be_an_arc, CArc &arc, bool &arc_found, bool &arc_added)CCurveprotected
append(const CVertex &vertex)CCurve
Break(const Point &p)CCurve
ChangeEnd(const Point &p)CCurve
ChangeStart(const Point &p)CCurve
CheckForArc(const CVertex &prev_vt, std::list< const CVertex * > &might_be_an_arc, CArc &arc)CCurveprotectedstatic
CurveIntersections(const CCurve &c, std::list< Point > &pts) constCCurve
ExtractSeparateCurves(const std::list< Point > &ordered_points, std::list< CCurve > &separate_curves) constCCurve
FitArcs(bool retry=false)CCurve
GetArea() constCCurve
GetBox(CBox2D &box)CCurve
GetSpans(std::list< Span > &spans) constCCurve
IsClockwise() constCCurve
IsClosed() constCCurve
NearestPoint(const Point &p) constCCurve
NearestPoint(const CCurve &p, double *d=NULL) constCCurve
NearestPoint(const Span &p, double *d=NULL) constCCurve
Offset(double leftwards_value)CCurve
OffsetForward(double forwards_value, bool refit_arcs=true)CCurve
operator+=(const CCurve &p)CCurve
Perim() constCCurve
PerimToPoint(double perim) constCCurve
PointToPerim(const Point &p) constCCurve
SpanIntersections(const Span &s, std::list< Point > &pts) constCCurve